TRI-MAX Helps Homeowners Save Homes From Fire

Save Homes From Fire

As we watch what will likely be one of the most destructive wildland fire seasons on record unfold, our thoughts and prayers turn to both the residents of those affected areas, and also to the brave firefighters working to save life and property in extreme fire conditions. Living in Redding, California, we understand all too […]

TRI-MAX 30 Wheeled CAF System Featured on the National Geographic Channel

TRI-MAX 30 Wheeled CAF System

Inside Combat Rescue, a program on the National Geographic Channel, recently featured the TRI-MAX 30 Wheeled CAF system in their Fire Suppression Training episode. In the episode, PJs and CROs at Kandahar Airfield are trained by Army firefighters to suppress fires with foam. During the program, one serviceman remarks that the system can be used […]

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