WOAI-TV in San Antonio took notice of CAF, Compressed Air Foam, technology earlier this month when it was used by the San Antonio Fire Department to save their station from flames:

Water is dripping from the ceiling on the bottom floor of WOAI TV, but the damage could have been worse. Instead of using tons of water, they used a foam that is said to be ten times as effective. They call it compressed air foam. It’s a shaving cream like substance containing water, detergent and air bubbles.

The San Antonio Fire Department has had it for years, but they’re using it more often now because of the drought, and because it doesn’t cause as much damage to the rest of the building as water does.

“If it’s your house on fire, if we can limit the damage that’s done by us putting the fire out, that’s a good customer service thing. So we want to limit the amount of water we use to put the fire out if we can,” said SAFD Assistant Chief Robert Mikel.

We couldn’t agree more. Compressed Air Foam is better!

Watch the story:

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