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Tanker with QUick-CAFS Installed

Installed Component System

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Are you thinking about retrofitting a CAFS system to your existing apparatus but are confused about the difficulty in operating a larger truck mounted CAFS system? Are you concerned about exorbitant costs and lack of available pump house room for a compressor, proportioner, foam tanks and associated plumbing and controls?

TRI-MAX can retro-fit our patented technology onto most fire trucks or water tankers with our pre-engineered or custom engineered systems. We assemble the critical components into a complete system that enables your emergency vehicle service center to turn any existing pumper truck or water tanker into an Extended Duration Compressed Air Foam fire suppression system with a minimal of effort.

TRI-MAX technology makes CAFS technology simple and increases the effective duration of your fire suppression efforts and equipment with simple and easy to use stored pressure system that reduces retrofit costs and allows for a simple solution to a costly and complicated system that can save you money, time and increase your fire suppression capability with patented TRI-MAX technology.

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Gallons Per minute (GPM

Expansion Ratio Discharge Duration (min)
500 Gal Truck 100 4:1 5
Quick-CAFS on 500Gal Truck 25 10-20:1 Up to 20

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