FireStopper® Disruptor 3610 FFC

The Most Advanced Weapon Against Wildfire

If a wildfire threatened your home or business, would you know what to do? With FireStopper® Disruptor, now you will.

The Disruptor advanced foam can be used to pre-treat structures and flammable material such as vegetation. The foaming catalyst penetrates deep into the surface with anti-fire molecules. Its fire-prevention technology stays active for months unless washed off by rain.

Unfortunately, wildfires are now a year-round threat. It’s important for all communities in wildfire-prone areas to be prepared for a yearlong wildfire season.

That’s why FireStopper® and Kingsway/TRI-MAX Industries have teamed up to deliver the most advanced technology to combat wildfires: FireStopper® Disruptor.

FireStopper® Disruptor 3610 FFC (Firefighting Foaming Catalyst) is a state-of-the-art foaming catalyst that is sprayed through Kingsway’s TRI-MAX CAF products, a leader in compressed air foam fire extinguishers.

FireStopper® Disruptor combats wildfires in two ways:
1) Pre-fire Protection.
FireStopper® Disruptor can be sprayed onto structures and vegetation weeks ahead of a fire, soaking into the materials and adding fire protection that lasts weeks or even months as long as rain does not wash it away.

Unfortunately, wildfires are now a year-round threat. It’s important for all communities in wildfire-prone areas to prepare for wildfire season year-round.

2) Protection During a Fire
Coating structures immediately ahead of a fire can also add protection and the Disruptor can be used to extinguish a fire.

In both instances, FireStopper® Disruptor is easily applied with TRI-MAX CAF delivery systems.
If you can operate a hose to water a lawn, you can apply the Disruptor.

Important note: these products should always be deployed with other fire protection techniques such as using defensible space. And when a wildfire is in close proximity, obey all evacuation orders and leave the fire protection to first responders.

Kingsway helps both home/business owners and local fire departments with training on the use of these products as part of any purchase.

The Most Advanced Weapon Against Wildfire
The FireStopper® Technology produce an extended line of catalyst-driven products that are the most powerful fire extinguishing solutions in the world. The FireStopper® liquid products are the only third-party tested and approved product line effective on all fire class and can even extinguish nuclear related flammable materials while also designed to prevent explosions. FireStopper® solutions are even used in the Presidential limousines.

How is FireStopper® Disruptor Different from Other Fire Suppression Systems?

Most fire extinguishing systems rely on smothering the fire.
They do not address the extreme heat that contributes to the fire nor do they address the chemical reaction that creates fire. In addition, the FireStopper® Disruptor will prevent every class of fire from re-igniting through its unique Quantum chemical process.

FireStopper® Disruptor dramatically reduces fire temperatures from over 1800 degrees to the low 100s in less than a minute, removing a primary component contributing to the fire. FireStopper® Disruptor’s groundbreaking quantum chemistry technology disrupts the fire catalyst – the chemical reaction creating the fire. This unique technology is better at extinguishing fires than any other product on the market. FireStopper’s unique chemistry also helps prevent re-ignition.

Safe for People & the Environment
A major problem with many current firefighting products is that they are extremely toxic to people and the environment. FireStopper® Disruptor is non-toxic to both humans and the environment. The residue actually supports reforestation.

About Kingsway Industries, Inc.

For more than 2 decades Kingsway’s TRI-MAX™ brand of compressed air foam fire suppression systems has been synonymous with quality and innovation in the fire technology industry. CAL FIRE and the Forest Service use Tri-Max equipment at all air tanker and helitack bases and require Tri-Max equipment on many forests for logging and construction.

Protect Your Home, Business or Community

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