How To Protect Your Home or Business from Wildfire

Use Kingsway Tri-Max® Systems to create a fire break between your property and the approaching fire.



Kingsway Tri-Max® uses a hi-tech catalyst to protect your property from wildfire.

Markedly, the nontoxic catalyst changes the properties so the materials will not burn. Keeping your home or property safe from wildfire.


Yes, notably, whatever the spray touches, it will not catch fire.

FireStopper® Disruptor can be sprayed onto structures and vegetation weeks ahead of a fire, soaking into the materials and adding fire protection that lasts for weeks or even months as long as rain does not wash it away.

What is it?

It is powered by the Disruptor 3610 FFC made by FireStopper®. Uniquely, it is the first and only true green product that fire will not burn when sprayed on vegetation and combustible materials.

Henceforth, with Kingsway Tri-Max® Systems you can keep your home, property, business and loved ones safe from wildfires!

Use Kingsway Tri-Max® Systems with nontoxic hi-tech FireStopper® to protect your home and property from wildfires.

  1. Create a fire barrier around your home with FireStopper® Disruptor 3610 FFC
    • Spray when fire is approaching
    • Mix at 6% and spray a 100′ wide path
    • Mix between 10%-30% for pre-treatment of exterior structure surface protection. (End user should determine best application choice.)
  2. Use FireStopper® Disruptor 3610 FFC in your home sprinkler system
    • Mix at 6%
  3. Use a FireStopper® Predator Fire Extinguisher
    • Safely and confidently use to extinguish all classes of fire in seconds
    • Only available all stainless steel, small sized, easy to operate K rated fire extinguishers.
    • “The U.S. Fire Administration statistics represent that over 94% of all residential fires originate in the kitchen”
  Ultimately, protect your home from forest fires. Click here for more information. Important note: These products should always be deployed with other fire protection techniques such as using defensible space. And when a wildfire is in proximity, obey all evacuation orders and leave the fire protection to first responders.

About Kingsway Industries, Inc.

For more than 2 decades Kingsway’s TRI-MAX™ brand of compressed air foam fire suppression systems has been synonymous with quality and innovation in the fire technology industry. CAL FIRE and the Forest Service use Tri-Max equipment at all air tanker and helitack bases and require Tri-Max equipment on many forests for logging and construction.

Protect Your Home, Business or Community

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