Save Homes From Fire

As we watch what will likely be one of the most destructive wildland fire seasons on record unfold, our thoughts and prayers turn to both the residents of those affected areas, and also to the brave firefighters working to save life and property in extreme fire conditions.

Living in Redding, California, we understand all too well what it means to worry about wildland flames engulfing everything you’ve built. We also understand that many residents of those affected areas may have been denied fire insurance or fire service area protection, due to remoteness of their location. That means when a fire surrounds and destroys their homes, not only do they lose their possessions, rebuilding becomes nearly impossible.

As a Forest Service contracted fire suppression pilot for over 20 years, Dave Mahrt, Sr., owner of TRI-MAX, has witnessed firsthand the immense destruction wildland fires can bring to remote residential areas. It was this experience that led him to create the “TRI-MAX™ Cold CAF family” of fire suppression systems and make it available to homeowners and fire departments alike.

“We make the same TRI-MAX technology deployed throughout the world by the military, private sector and governments available to rural homeowners, who increasingly find themselves in the situation of having to protect their home from fire. In a time when firefighting resources are being continually reduced due to budget cuts, systems like the TRI-MAX 3 CAF or the TRI-MAX 30 CAF can make a huge difference when it comes to saving someone’s home and property.”

TRI-MAX suggests that a homeowner using the CAFs system spray the roof and sides of the home with foam. TRI-MAX also suggests spraying a layer of foam around the perimeter of the home. The perimeter treatment creates a firebreak and foam on the roof and sides protect the home from flying embers and debris.

Laura Palmer and Jeff Edwardson saved their home using a TRI-MAX CAFs system. A Paradise Post article told their story after the historic Humbolt Fire in 2008:

Palmer and Edwardson made a last ditch effort before evacuating. With the Tri-Max fire suppression equipment used for their business, they activated the Tri-Max unit, foaming down the vegetation, heavy equipment, a wood storage shed and the side of their home facing the brunt of the fire. “We had thousands of dollars worth of heavy equipment and there wasn’t time to move it all. We kept spraying the Tri-Max foam until we ran out, then we left as quickly as possible. It was terrifying not knowing what we would find when we came back,” recalls Laura.

When they finally did return they were amazed. The Tri-Max foam system had stopped the fire dead in its tracks. The home, equipment and wood storage shed were completely untouched by the wildfire. “The Tri-Max fire suppression unit we used without a doubt saved our home and property,” said Jeff.

The 3 gallon and 30 gallon models may be purchased directly from TRI-MAX at its Redding location. Additional units may be purchased through TRI-MAX’s sales department by calling 530.722.0272 or visiting

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