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Maintenance Documents and MSDS Sheets

Hydrostatic Test Information
US DOT PHMSA List of Facilities
On that page under “Authorized Manufacturers and Retesters” is a list of facilities you can complete your required hydrostatic tests.

Product Support Documentation

These files require Adobe PDF Reader to view.

Documents noted as NA (Not Available) will be made available as soon as possible

* Please note pricing and parts availability may change without notice

Product Name Download Manual Specifications Parts List
TRI-MAX 3 Mini-CAF 3manual.pdf 3spec.pdf TM3 Spare Parts
TRI-MAX 10 Gallon CAF 10manual.pdf NA NA
TRI-MAX 20 Gallon CAF 20manual.pdf NA NA
TRI-MAX 30 Wheeled 30manual Training Video 30spec.pdf TM30 Spare Parts
TRI-MAX 30 SKID Hose Reel 30skidmanual.pdf 30skidspec.pdf TM30 Spare Parts
TRI-MAX 30 Vertical TM30-VSI-SCUBA_manual.pdf TM30-VSI-SCBA_drawingspec.pdf NA
TRI-MAX 30 Conversion Kit TM30-CK_manual2.pdf NA NA
TRI-MAX 60 and Super-60 60manual.pdf 60spec.pdf 60parts.pdf
TRI-MAX 120 and Super-120 120manual.pdf TM120-LP-SPEC.pdf NA
TRI-MAX 200 and Super-200 200manual.pdf TM200-LP-SPEC.pdf NA
TRI-MAX Terminator terminatormanual.pdf NA NA

Warranty Information

The TRI-MAX Systems come standard with a 1-year limited warranty to be free from defects in material and workmanship beginning on the date of delivery.

The manufacturer’s liability is limited solely to the repair or replacement of the defective part and does not include labor. The warranty card that accompanies the unit should be returned to the manufacturer. The manufacturer shall in no way be liable for any incidental or consequential damages which may result from any defects in material or workmanship or from the breach of any express or implied warranty.

The manufacturer does not warranty the performance of the system impacted by environmental conditions, abuse and end user competence.

Individuals with a warranty claim should contact the manufacturer and provide the Serial Number for the system which can be found on the data plate on the foam tank.

Warranty is Subject to changes without notice.

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